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Further, individual wedding as well as showed a confident affect the standard of consumer-brand name relationships (?= 0

Further, individual wedding as well as showed a confident affect the standard of consumer-brand name relationships (?= 0

The newest collected data had been processed and you may removed all miscoded, incomplete and you will suspicious-appearing research records and finally felt only 430 questionnaire survey to own today’s analysis. The collected research shown 294 guys ( percent) and you can 136 females ( percent). The typical chronilogical age of participants was 23.five years, which have per cent within 18 in order to 20 age group; % on 21 to help you twenty five generation; percent in the twenty-six so you can 29 generation and spend dos-step 3 era every single day on the Fb activities.

To test our structure, the study used a good SEM means including several qualitative and you will decimal investigation. Very first, the analysis reviewed dimensions model and architectural design. On build legitimacy of the items, we presented factor studies. Exploratory factor analysis are conducted playing with varimax rotation, to attenuate plethora of parameters on a smaller number of interpretable hidden products. Up coming the analysis assessed measurement model by a max-possibilities estimation procedure playing with AMOS adaptation 18. To evaluate the brand new model complement, Chi- rectangular (?2); normed fit index (NFI); comparative match directory (CFI); root mean square recurring (RMR); and you will options mean square error off approximation (RMSEA) were experienced in this investigation . The newest mathematical requirement for factor estimates was counted playing with t-thinking greater than 2.

This implies that the social media users, who’re involved having corporate SNS users, think they show very good connection with the company

The participants responded a total 31 questionnaire inquiries. Exploratory basis studies was conducted which lead to seven items explaining 88% of your own variance. Find dining table step one. Two things in accordance with contributing from the consumer wedding part ashley madison giriÅŸ are removed as the speed off reaction was very poor. Then your dimensions model complement test is actually over. As RMSEA and you can RMR are more than .05 and .08, the current measurement design could not fit. Additionally the modification complement directory was applied to help you associate brand new mistake terms of this new hidden constructs to create brand new model fitness. The newest confirmatory foundation analysis supported the new exploratory factor data. The fresh new complement of dimensions design is acceptable (?2=, NFI= 0.952, CFI=0.969, RMSEA=0.047, and you may RMR= 0.027).

Consumer wedding and you will individual-brand dating about structural model have been given given that latent parameters and affairs per visual information for example information, entertainment and you will added bonus was in fact thought to be seen parameters

To grow and you may decide to try theoretic models the ability to verify formative measurement continues to grow that will be appropriate inside the several specialities . Locks mais aussi al. recommend that if you are starting CFA, convergent and you will discriminant validity that are considered as subcategories or subtypes of make legitimacy, are going to be used to ascertain build authenticity and you may reliability. Nonetheless they suggest standards getting greeting off convergent and discriminant legitimacy. He or she is the following:

For hypotheses testing Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) was applied using a two-step latent variable modeling approach. Apart from the chi-square statistic (?2=, p<0.001), all fit indices indicated a good fit with the data (NFI=0.95, CFI=0.96, RMSEA=0.053, RMR=0.49). The proposed model developed displays the results of the structural model analysis, including significant standardized path coefficients. All structural paths demonstrated significant results (See Figure 1).

The result revealed that visual contents like information, entertainment and incentive were found to have positive influence on the consumer engagement with corporate SNS page. Information showed positive impact on consumer engagement (?= 0.27, p<0.05), supporting H1. This implies that visuals with more information play a vital role in engaging social media users as they intend to seek more details about the company or brand. Similarly, visuals with entertainment content also showed positive significant influence on the consumer engagement (?= 0.38, p<0.05), supporting H2. This implies that social media users tend to like those posts which give them pleasure or fun. Visuals with incentive contents also positively influences consumer engagement (?= 0.12, p<0.05) as the social media users often seek offers on the products, coupons, and discounts on corporate SNS pages. Thus the present study accepts H3. 20, p<0.05) supporting H4. Moreover, both consuming (?= 0.84, p<0.05) and contributing (?= 0.81, p<0.05) were found be strong indicators of the consumer engagement. This implies that the social media user's consuming and contributing activities on corporate SNS pages play an essential role in building strong relationship with the organization/brand in terms of trust, satisfaction and commitment. Further, the proposed conceptual model explained a substantial amount of variance for consumers engagement (R2=.84) and for consumer-brand relationship (R2=.71).