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These fat fucks went flying off such as for example dominoes!

These fat fucks went flying off such as for example dominoes!

This arrived down to it, so we had truth be told there, and then we was in fact suggest mugging him or her, and they have been mean mugging you, and anybody happens, ‘step 3, 2, 1…’ I forget about new rope. Them went flying back so far this one out-of its thoughts smacked up against an auto on the parking lot! They jumped up such as they were gonna do something whenever Bammer, my cousin, and i sprang into the side like ‘Just what?’

We had been cracking up over the reality that this business went flying all over the place. I wish you could have seen exactly how severe these guys was indeed about their really tug-of-war competition, chalking upwards its give and looking the cleats inside [laughs].

The new cousin out of Jonny and you will Chris Candido, Vinny, dressed in the fresh new pinstripes with the first time on Bam Fest. Maybe not an adverse way to secure $500!

Various other funny thing about Bam Fest was whenever we seated down to help make the scheduling. I arranged myself compared to. Thunderbolt, Ray Apollo against. Paulie B. the brand new Equalizer, Testicle Mahoney compared to. Mike Cool, and you will my buddy Chris versus. Bam Bam on top, but they forgot to book a good referee! So my brother Vinny comes taking walks right back, and I’m sometime squandered at this point, so is actually like, ‘Yo Vinny, do you need to ref?’ and that i put a beneficial referee top at the your. Bam Bam provided him five-hundred dollars, thus he had been like, ‘Sweet!’

JC: “Zero, he never ever made it happen! However, he had previously been our manager in the certain nothing reveals here and there, and you can he’s been around grappling forever. He had been among children used to hold the brand new bWo cues, therefore the guy realized just what he was undertaking.

Paulie B, the fresh Equalizer, try sleeve-grappling each one of these girls. He was conquering every one of them, particularly Andy Kauffman, conquering girls in every the new sleeve-wrestling matches.

He’d cut good fart very loud that it do aftermath me personally upwards, in which he do initiate chuckling

Sporadically, I come round the individuals from Pennsylvania just who increase to me and you may state, ‘I happened to be in the Bam Fest!’ There were a lot of individuals here. It actually was very in love.”

PWS: “Bam Bam appeared like including a good kid of every one of new stories I have read. Among the favourite one thing We been aware of your is the fact the guy saved a few children off a losing domestic fire.”

Some one has just started an effective Chris Candido Myspace webpage, so there was of several photographs regarding Bam Fest

JC: “Yeah, the guy did! The guy stored several infants regarding a fire. Bammers, I am unable to also start to establish how nice he was. When we began these are Bam Bam, we could possibly have to go for the next hour. He actually was great.”

JC: Whenever i told you, I’ve of a lot great tales regarding too many males into path. Another individual that just pops to mind is actually Billy Gunn. You will find had particular amusing tales throughout the him.

I always share rooms with your. One to guy create remain their ‘Mr. Ass’ tights into day long. We used to always go hanging out at that lay named Kowloon’s inside the Boston. You are sure that when you find yourself form of intoxicated and you may hungover and you can you keep losing in-and-out out of sleep? Really, I’m lying around, my buddy and i in a single sleep and Billy Gunn from inside the the other bed, each go out I established my personal vision 50 % of hazy, I’d only see Mr. Ass where freaking really spandex. I might do my better to you will need to go back to sleep as he carry out cut various other fart. You to son- I guess new fart would just enhance through the spandex. It actually was the fresh loudest fart you’d has actually ever heard! It might aftermath you upwards from your own drunken hungoverness, and you can he’d begin laughing, and you will might just try to go back to bed.

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